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  Washoe County School District administrators and evaluator attend ICS Workshop (top) before VIPlanning Software is installed at the District in Reno, NV.

Washoe County School District Police Department staff (below) attends VIPlanning Software and digital photography training to assure project sustainability.


The features you will find in your VIPlanning® Software fully integrated tool box include:

Navigation Tools
With VIPlanning® Software's navigation feature you can quickly create your plan’s outline / navigation bar and immediately begin building HTML pages using simple techniques like drag and drop. Our building block approach makes plan development and updates simple and fast.

Indexing Tools
All pages are automatically indexed by this feature. You can also augment standard indexing by providing keywords for text, pictures, aerials, site or floor plans, etc.

Importing Tools
VIPlanning® Software's import feature scales images to easily fit on a page and automatically creates thumbnail images you use in page creation. By importing floor plans, site plans, flat digital photos or 360 movies, VIPlanning® Software provides a rich pictorial environment to enhance your data and for developing virtual tours of any facility or location.

Annotation Tool
With the annotation feature you can annotate floor or site plans, aerial images and digital photos by adding graphics, text blocks and hot spot links.

Text Management Tool
The text management feature is a mini word-processor that allows you to enter and format text; add lists or tables; apply styles; and paste text from external documents.

Linking Tool
The linking feature allows information created and maintained in one place to be propagated to other designated places.

Data Tool
With the data feature, you can define a data store, enter information into that store and then include that information in you plan in a tabular format.

VIPlanning® Software assures that building and maintaining your HTML emergency operations plans or preplans is quick and easy and sustainable.

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