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  Learn how VIPlanning Software can increase your productivity, as well as provide you with a easily maintainable tool that can change the way you
create web pages and update data

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VIPlanning® Software provides you with tools for developing web based emergency plans, as well as a repository for all your critical facility data. Web pages are built using VIPlanning® Software's simple editor. Standardized templates assure that all pages have uniform layout, presentation and navigation. Page content is indexed, and can also be customized to fit any facility's specifications. With VIPlanning® Software's built-in Annotation Editor, you no longer have to use additional programs to add annotations to aerial photographs, digital photographs, site plans or floor plans.
VIPlanning® Software Features
Read about the features you will find VIPlanning® Software's fully integrated tool box.
VIPlanning® Software Benefits
Discover how easy it is to use VIPlanning Software. Making changes is as fast as a keystroke and critical information can be available in minutes and not days.
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