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VIPlanning Software

VIPlanning® Software provides you with a repository for all your critical facility data. Web pages are built using VIPlanning® Software's simple editor. Standardized templates assure that all pages have uniform layout, presentation and navigation. Page content is indexed, and can also be customized to fit any facility's specifications.

VIPlanning® Software's built-in Annotation Editor, you no longer have to use additional programs to add annotations to aerial photographs, digital photographs, site plans or floor plans.

Software Benefits
It is easy to learn VIPlanning® Software. It is also easy to use, assures uniformity, provides rich visual environment; client owns and controls the data; client manages updates; and the client can easily use the information during trainings, drills, preplanning or incidents.

Software Features
The tools in the VIPlanning® Software fully integrated tool box include building blocks for consistent navigation; automatic page indexing; image importing for consistency; text management; data tools; and out linking tool allows for information to be created in one place and propagated to other HTML web sites.

VIPlanning® Software assures that building and maintaining your HTML web page is quick, easy and sustainable.

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