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Are you tired of losing emails or trying to find documents, links and other information you need to share with your regional, district, agency or school partners?

Visual Imagry provides a user friendly online solution - VIPlanning® Online: Collaboration.

Visual Imagry, Inc. developed VIPlanning® Online: Collaboration in 2004 with the idea that the secure web site could be an affordable interactive tool to build an extensive secure network for disaster planning, preparing, training, communicating or supporting response efforts to any public health threat or emergency.

Each secure web site is operated separately and independently of any district/county or school/agency web
site and do not require client IT support.

VIPlanning Online: Collaboration removes the barriers of time and distance between administrators, emergency management staff and first responders while providing specific features that are designed to be user friendly communications tools.

It is designed to strengthen communications and information technology systems critical to effectively prepare or respond to any type of emergency or disaster that could impact a community, county, agency, district or school.

VIPlanning® Online: Collaboration is accessible only to administrators, (police, first responders, emergency managers, public health disaster coordinators, school emergency staff) and/or other authorized users. The secure site requires a login and provides tools for creating calendar events, links, library items, contacts and press releases. One feature also provides a secure environment for accessing HTML emergency plans and preplans.

This secure application is key for the sharing of sensitive data and collaboration between officials, law enforcement agencies, emergency preparedness staff and authorized first responders.

Each client has its own controlled-access Forum and they can also participate in the District or Regional Forums. These Forums allow authorized users to initiate and participate in discussions, start new topic areas and publish working documents and links for peer review and comment.

VIPlanning® Online: Collaboration is also being used by authorized users to access their HTML plans and preplans that contain floor plans and other critical data that is often used to help mitigate disasters / emergencies for all hazards in all seasons.

Information posted on the Forums can also be shared among authorized secure users and, when appropriate, with authorized first responders.

Starting in 2004, VIPlanning® Online: Collaboration began enhancing school districts and public health agencies approach to disaster preparedness / readiness by providing user friendly communications and planning tools.

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