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Photo by Dee Beaugez


Transportation Centers

VIPlanning® Software can easily support HTML safety audits, emergency preparedness planning efforts or facility operations for railroad yards, bus barns and other transportation centers.
Emergency Preparedness for Railroad Yards

All data and graphic information is easily stored and maintained within VIPlanning Software's Repository. Files of all types (i.e. Word, Excel, Power Point, bitmap images - jpg gif, png, 360 panoramic photos, etc.) can be easily imported into the software's repository. Bitmap images are automatically scaled into the optimal size for page presentation.

VIPlanning's user-friendly software includes familiar paradigms, like drag and drop, along with common visual presentations, like an outline and thumbnail images, combined to make a simple yet powerful user interface.

VIPlanning's standardized templates and system of reusing information provides a powerful, productive toolset designed to reduce human resources needed to build and maintain HTML plans and assessments.

You can easily share the finished facility data via a network intranet, secure internet site or distributed via CD, DVD or flash drive.

VIPlanning® Software was first used to convert preplans into HTML for fire departments in 1999.

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