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  Washoe County School District Police team members attend VIPlanning Software & Digital Photography Train the Trainer Course in Redmond, WA.  


The purchase price for VIPlanning® Software and VIPlanning® Online does not include training.

The following trainings are available at an additional charge:

Train the Trainer
Visual Imagry offers an intensive 4-day course covering all aspects of using VIPlanning® Software. The course also includes hands on lessons in digital photography, 360° photography, data collection (mapping) and project management.

The course is given every other month at Visual Imagry’s headquarters in Redmond, WA. We use 2 instructors for each training session and there is a limit of 6 students per session. .
Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Online Training
We can extract specific topics from our training and one of our instructors can deliver that material online (Webex / GoToMeeting).

These trainings target a maximum of 4 students, at up to 4 locations, for up to 2 hours per session. We will work with you to identify and tailor the topics to your needs.

Contact us for pricing and availability.

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