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Visual Imagry has been pioneering school safety by providing innovative planning, training and collaboration tools designed to keep our nation’s children safe.

Visual Imagry, Inc. was started by Donald and Dolores Beaugez in 1994 to develop and manage and contribute to innovative safety and disaster preparedness programs. By combining their varied expertise in management, emergency planning, and data systems analysis, truly innovative and affordable solutions to emergency planning became possible. From the start, they have combined responsive planning and project management, evidence-based training, and innovative collaboration tools to produce state of the art emergency plans and strategies that are affordable, accessible and sustainable.

Motivated by a strong commitment to the safety of our nation’s children, Visual Imagry began pioneering school preparedness planning in 1998. Ms. Beaugez was a major contributor to the nation’s first highly acclaimed school safety pilot HTML program under the Project Impact initiative (Federal Emergency Management Agency).

In response to data collection and emergency management needs, Donald Beaugez and his team began developing a suite of secure collaborative online services and software to assist schools and public health agencies support accessible, sustainable emergency management programs. Visual Imagry also provides an affordable online tool-set for tracking drills and certifications; converting paper-based plans into HTML; and providing hazard assessments or security audits.

Members of Visual Imagry’s leadership team have managed numerous presidentially declared disasters and are responsible for working with a myriad of organizations on a day-to-day basis. These strategic partners allow Visual Imagry to provide clients large and small, public and private with state of the art expertise to meet the full range of clients’ emergency management needs.


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