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  Online Solution for Tracking School Drills, Exercises and Incidents
  ICS Training at Washoe County School District.
Photo by Dee Beaugez


Say goodbye to the paper work maze and scheduling nightmares inherent in conducting and tracking drills, exercises and incidents and begin the school year with VIPlanning Online: Drills, Exercises and Incidents secure
online tracking solution.

Drills, Exercises and Incidents, the latest addition to the VIPlanning® Online Services suite of secure, web based tools, allows users to easily manage, track and update their drills, exercises and incidents.

Drills, Exercises and Incidents data can easily be defined, scheduled, tracked and stored for instant access. If an unscheduled emergency, lockdown or incident occurs, it can easily be added to the system database.

Whether you are an individual school or a large or small school district, Drills, Exercises and Incidents provides a current overview of their status and will streamline the way you track drills, exercises or incidents.

Recording results can take minutes, not hours to complete, and reports can be easily generated.

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