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  Bishop Manogue High Shcool in Reno, Nevada
Digital Photo by Dee Beaugez


General Contractors

Time is money in the construction business. Often when contractors are required to make changes at a facility site, they often use digital photography to track the changes.

VIPlanning Software provides a central repository for storing critical information that can enhance project management when changes are required and updates requested.

Digital photography can easily be organized in one location, and included within VIPlanning software is a fully integrated annotation tool that can easily be used to annotate any bitmap image, like digital photos, floor plans or site plans with text or graphics such as boxes, lines, arrows and/or symbols.

Standardized layout and navigation techniques make HTML pages familiar and easy to use, even for novice users. Indexing, hot linking and searching combine to permit rapid access to relevant data that might otherwise be obscured with large amounts of information.

Contractors can easily provide clients with a DVD copy of the digital data used to track changes in any project, thus provided a value-added service to their clients.

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