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  Evaluation | Washoe County School District
  WCSD Evaluator Chuck O'Connor, North Vector Inc, (far right in blue shirt) attends First Responders Site Visit at Damonte Ranch High School in Reno, Nevada.

The WCSD Project was funded by an
U.S. Department of Education School Readiness
& Emergency Management Grant - 2005-2007

The Washoe County School District Police Department contracted Visual Imagry, Inc. to develop a comprehensive database, collect photographs and other visuals at all the schools and district sites. The evaluator, Chuck O'Conner from North Vector, Inc., attended various documentation sessions with Visual Imagry during the summer of 2006.





Washoe County School District Project
Evaluation by North Vector, Inc., Chuck O'Connor

"After 28 years of experience creating and working with technology teams for this specific assignment, the Washoe County School District could not have chosen a more competent company for this project. Visual Imagry, Inc. has met and exceeded their goals and their performance has been excellent.

Many companies advertise that they provide an equal service. Other companies would not have maintained the quality of service in the time frame specified as efficiently as Visual Imagry. Visual Imagry, Inc. received a large portion of this grant and every nickel was well deserved and WCSD’s investment was wisely spent.

... The WCSD made the right decision in offering the contract to Visual Imagry, Inc. who in turn has become part of the Washoe County family.

The final product is available to all required WCSD personnel and emergency response personnel through a secure web site and flash drive access. The site not only features each schools’ physical layout and surrounding area through floor plans and photographs, it features a quick reference tool bar to access required information by the responding agency based on information required for their resolution of any incident. Each school has posted their specific site plan based on the district’s plan. The secure web site also allows for electronic communications between all WCSD staff personnel.

This brief description does not properly give this product the recognition it deserves. It is impossible to write every detail. To have a full understanding of the secure web site developed by Visual Imagry for the WCSD, an authorized user must log on to the site to observe how comprehensive and easy it is to navigate and obtain critical information.

...One of the impressive qualities of Visual Imagry, Inc. was allowing WCSD to own the data and have the ability to update any portion of the site as required."

Evaluation for the U.S. Department of Education Grant Performance Report by Chuck O'Connor, North Vector, Inc. - June 2007





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