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VIPlanning® Software assures that building and maintaining your HTML web page is quick, easy and sustainable. With VIPlanning® Software, you build HTML pages using our simple editing tools. Images are previewed, selected and placed on a page using drag and drop techniques. After adding descriptions and selecting from predefined classifications, you save the page and begin again.

Web pages are based on a configurable template
Uniformity is assured no matter how long it takes to build a preplan or how many people contribute. HTML Pages are standardized and have the same navigational and informational elements. This reduces the learning curve for implementing the software and reduces comprehension time when using it.

Pictures can be categorized
An index can include useful information like the location of all gas shutoffs or boiler room entrances. After pages are constructed, you run an indexing program to extract these classifications and create indexes that become part of the HTML plan.

The classifications are defined by the user, typically a project leader, and can be unique to a site or shared among similar sites.

Changes are available immediately
The days of managing a preplan or emergency plan in a three ring binder are gone. With VIPlanning® Software you can edit or remove existing pages as well as add new ones at any time. The template assures that new content matches the rest of the site and indexing makes new information available immediately.

VIPlanning® Software creates standard HTML pages. The templates distributed with the product yield pages that can be viewed with a modern browser (IE 5+, Netscape 4+, Firefox 1+). The pages can be stored on a CD-ROM, DVD, FLASH Drive, your local computer or network server. They can be accessed from any of these places or from a web site you host.

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