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  Our annotation tool is part of the VIPlanning® Software tool kit so you can easily annotate any digital photograph, aerial, floor plan or site plan.  

Donald and Dolores Beaugez started and incorporated Visual Imagry, Inc. in 1994. From the start of the company, they focused on developing software that was simple to use. The development platform expanded with a broad adoption of the Internet, to include applications that utilized that medium for both the storage of data and delivery of services.

Beginning in 1998 the company focused on delivery of software and online services to schools and rural public health organizations. The idea was, and continues to be, to deliver high quality, easy to use software at a price that is affordable to small or large public and private entities.


VIPlanning® Software allows you to produce HTML web pages rich in pictorial and graphic content, without hiring a computer expert or spending time mastering complicated programs.

The first software (Visual Incident Planning) was release was in 2000 and has evolved from a browser-based application into database functionality. The 2005 release included a Graphics / Annotation Tool and the 2006-07 release added Enterprise and Photo Album Features, as well as a database, the ability to share data between plans and 360 digital photographs.

Many schools and rural public health agencies are converting their disaster preparedness plans and preplans to HTML through the use of VIPlanning® Software

The development of the VIPlanning® Software, with the support of VIPlanning® Online, has expanded to include offerings for building and maintaining HTML based emergency preplans and communication tools enabling small and large highly diverse organizations to effectively communicate and easily manage emergency preparedness projects.  

Software Benefits
It is easy to learn VIPlanning® Software. It is also easy to use, assures uniformity, provides rich visual environment; client owns and controls the data; client manages updates; and the client can easily use the information during trainings, drills, preplanning or incidents.

Software Features
The tools in the VIPlanning® Software fully integrated tool box includes building blocks for consistent navigation; automatic page indexing; image importing for consistency; text management; data tools; and out linking tool allows for information to be created in one place and propagated to other HTML web sites.

VIPlanning® Software assures that building and maintaining your HTML web page is quick, easy and sustainable.



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