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  Tank Farm -Digital Photo by Dee Beaugez  


VIPlanning Software can be used to support TanK Farm HTML Pre-Incident Planning Efforts

Tank Farms involved in the process of pre-incident planning are identifying critical assets, assessing vulnerabilities, and evaluating their security. They are also required to develop emergency preplans for local first responders, such as city or county fire departments.

These preplans have usually been assembled in three-ring binders containing such vital information as plot plans, site plans, emergency contact information, photographs, material safety data sheets and other site specific information that can be used by first responders during an emergency.

If you are ready to convert your paper-based preplan into an HTML preplan, consider VIPlanning® Software because it allows you to easily create HTML pages with any combination of digital imagery, scanned images and/or descriptive words.

The web output created via VIPlanning® Software is easily transported and generally require only a browser to display.

VIPlanning® Software enables you to built pages for developing HTML preplans for planning, preparedness, response recovery and/or training.

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