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convert preplans to html with viplanning software

VIPlanning Software can be used to support Chemical Companies HTML Pre-Incident Planning Efforts

If you are converting your paper-based preplan into an HTML preplan, consider VIPlanning® Software.

The American Chemical Council reported, "America’s chemistry sector is an essential part of the nation’s critical infrastructure, a national asset that needs to be protected from terrorism. Today, ACC and its member companies are demonstrating our commitment to safeguarding America’s chemical facilities by urging Congress to pass chemical security legislation. At the same time, we are continuing to voluntarily implement security enhancements.

"Since 9/11, in the absence of federal legislation, ACC members have led the way, investing nearly $3 billion on facility security enhancements such as intrusion prevention/detection and perimeter protection, screening employees and improving

American Chemical Council - Security

convert your paper-based preplan to
html with viplanning software

If you are converting your paper-based preplan into
an HTML preplan, consider VIPlanning® Software. The software allows you to produce HTML preplans rich in pictorial and graphic content, without hiring a computer expert or spending time mastering complicated programs. The process is simple and user friendly. You input data directly and can make changes in seconds.

With VIPlanning® Software you can easily organize your HTML preplans and add digital photos, contacts, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PDF files. VIPlanning® Software lets you build and maintain preplans with a minimal investment of your valuable time. Your HTML preplan can also be modified in minutes not hours.

The software enables you to built pages for developing HTML preplans for planning, preparedness, response recovery and/or training.

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