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  Our Commitment School Preparedness
  Functional Exercise at Bishop Manogue Catholic High School in Reno, Nevada - 2007. (Photo supplied by BMCHS)  


Visual Imagry, Inc. is committed to developing software that can be used to help school districts become prepared for handling emergency incidents.

What if school administrators, teachers and staff are the only ones on site to deal with an emergency incident? What if first responders do not arrive within the first 15 minutes?

In a perfect world, the fire departments, law enforcement agencies and EMS would show up within minutes -- but what if they can not be there in time? What if the teachers, staff or administrators at a school must be the first to respond?

If the Columbine High school massacre and the recent shooting rampage at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007 have taught us anything, I think it is that school administrators, teachers and staff must be confident in their emergency preparedness training, skills and resources.

One way schools can become prepared is by truly becoming involved in the emergency preparedness process. School administration and teachers need detailed information about their school facility “on demand.” They need to easily access their HTML preplans (virtual tours of their campus) and emergency plans for trainings, exercises and all phases of preparedness, as well as response. They also need to participate in drills, trainings and exercises whenever possible.

Knowing what to do and when to do it will make reacting to crisis situations smoother and less traumatic for administrators, faculty and staff.

Visual Imagry, Inc. is committed to helping schools become prepared for handling any emergency situation. School staff, administration, teachers, parents and students may need to deal with an incident for a period of time without any support from first responders, depending on the type of emergency.

School staff, teachers and administrators must become confident in their skills, resources and training to sustain a response until help can arrive. In the light of state, national and world events in recent years; attention to security in our schools is a priority.

The safety and security of students, employees, volunteers, parents and visitors is the responsibility of the school districts and their schools. It is imperative that schools become involved in the emergency preparedness and response processes.

School administration and teachers need access to current, accurate information about their schools “on demand.” HTML preplans can provide the following:

  • Emergency Plans and Procedures
  • Building and Campus Maps (Floor Plans & Site Plans)
  • Building and Campus Photographs & 360 images
  • Diagrams
  • Pre-determined Staging Areas for First Responders (Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Ambulances, Parents, Press, Helicopter Access, etc…)
  • Aerial photographs

Developing HTML preplans for individual schools, determining and writing procedures/protocols, learning the Incident Command System (ICS) and exercising a joint response will make dealing with a crisis situation safer and less traumatic for students, faculty, staff, parents and first responders.

"VIPlanning® Software is being used to change the way school districts approach to disaster preparedness and readiness," said Dee Beaugez, Chief Operating Officer of Visual Imagry, Inc. "Authorized users are able to access their school plans, HTML preplans and data to help them mitigate disaster incidents for all hazards during all seasons.

"Children are our future and their safety is our responsibility, " said Beaugez. "It has been proven that technology can help schools better prepare and respond to any type of school incident.

"I am honored to say that Visual Imagry has been part of an all-hazards approach to emergency pre-incident planning for school safety since 1999."

Read More about the 2006-07 Washoe County School District and the Humboldt County School District Critical Incident Response Projects, funded by the U.S. Department of Education grants.

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