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Don Beaugez began developing VIPlanning® Software in 1998 in response to a national pre-incident pilot test project. His goal was to develop software that would be simple to use, assures uniform layout and could be customized to fit each facility.

VIPlanning® Software allows you to produce HTML preplans rich in pictorial and graphic content, without hiring a computer expert or spending time mastering complicated programs. The 2005 release included our Graphics / Annotation Tool. The 2007 release added a database, data, the ability to share data and 360 digital photographs.

The process is simple and user-friendly.
You input data directly and can make changes in seconds.

With VIPlanning® Software you can easily organize your HTML preplans and add digital photos, 360 images, contacts, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PDF files. VIPlanningTM Software lets you build and maintain preplans with a minimal investment of your valuable time.

Your HTML preplan can also be modified
in minutes not hours.

VIPlanning® Software organizes the pages for you. The template design assures that all pages have uniform layout, presentation and navigation. Page content is indexed and can be customized to fit facility specifications. Best of all, complete data is available instantaneously when it's needed the most.

You build pages by using a simple editor. Images are previewed, selected and placed on a page using drag and drop techniques.

VIPlanning® Software allows you to easily create pages with any combination of digital photographs, scanned images, floor plans, site plans, diagrams and descriptive words.

After adding descriptions and selecting from predefined classifications, you simply save the page and begin again.

Uniformity is assured no matter how long it takes to build a plan or how many people contribute.

Pages look the same and have the same navigational and informational elements. Comprehension time is minimal when using the plan.

The days of maintaining a preplan in a three-ring binder are gone. By using VIPlanning® software, you can edit or remove existing pages as well as add new ones at any time. The template also assures that the new content material matches the rest of the site and indexing makes new information available immediately.

VIPlanning® software creates standard HTML pages. The templates distributed with the product yield pages that can be viewed with Internet Explorer browser, version 4 or later. The preplan pages can be stored on a CD-ROM, your local computer or a secure network server. They can be accessed from any of these places or from a secure web site you host.

For more information about purchasing VIPlanning® or for a quotes please contact Visual Imagry.

Using VIPlanning® Software is simple, visual and fast.

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