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  Why do you need a preplan?


National Fire Protection Association - Publication 1620 - "Recommended Practice for Pre-Incident Planning" - 1998 Edition
Available for Purchase from NFPA


Preplan Information:

HTML preplans provide quick access to information for staff or first responders (police, firefighters, emergency medical staff, etc.) required for emergency planning, exercising, responding or recovery efforts.

Other reasons for creating an HTML preplan include:

  • Coordinated Response
    Current copies of preplans can be stored at the dispatch offices of local law enforcement, fire departments, EMS, and emergency management. Preplans can provide immediate access to information that can save lives and protect property.
  • Pre-Incident Planning
    A well-organized preplan is a perfect tool for pre-incident planning and training. Both staff and first responders can develop response plans before a crisis situation occurs.
  • Ability to Include Digital Photos
    HTML preplans can include digital photographs of vital areas, such as accesses, high-risk areas, rooftops and cafeterias. Digital photos can provide law enforcement first responders with a tactical advantage.

  • Training and Exercises
    HTML preplans are tools for training or for use during coordinated multi-agency exercises. They can be modified and include “response” sections that provide critical information for specific emergency response; such as, fires, bomb threats, active shooters, hostage situations, and/or medical emergencies.
  • Developing Communication and Cooperation
    Effective pre-incident planning should include the following representatives: law enforcement, fire department, health department, emergency medical staff, emergency management and facility managers. Collaboration to develop a preplan will enhance communication and cooperation between all involved agencies.


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