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  Pre-Incident Planning


Information by National Fire Protection Association - Publication 1620 - "Recommended Practice for Pre-Incident Planning" - 1998 Edition
Available for Purchase from NFPA


What is Pre-Incident Planning?

"The primary purpose of a pre-incident plan is to help responding personnel effectively manage emergencies with available resources. Pre-incident planning involves evaluating the protection systems, building construction, contents, and operating procedures that can impact emergency operations."

"A pre-incident plan is one of the most valuable tools available for aiding responding personnel in effectively controlling an emergency."

"Before the pre-incident planning process begins, all parties involved should be familiar with the components of the basic information to be gathered and included in the final preplan.
Factors affecting a facility's situation during emergency conditions include the following:
(a) Construction (b) Occupant characteristics (c) Protection systems (d) Capabilities of public or industrial responding personnel (e) Availability of mutual aid (f) Water supply and (g) Exposure factors." Link to a sample preplan check list




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