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  Media Update | Washoe County School District (NV) - June 1, 2007


Don Beaugez, right, meets with Washoe County School District's
Critical Incident Response Plan (CIRP) project evaluator, Chuck
O'Connor, left, during a school on-site data collection visit in June 2006.
  About the project

The Washoe County School District received a grant from the U.S. Department of Education in the amount of $959,950 to improve school security and the district's ability to respond to emergencies in 2005. Visual Imagry was awarded a contract in January 2006 to develop HTML preplans, and provide emergency preparedness training. The deadline for completion is 2007.


Visual Imagry Completes Critical Incident Response Program
Project for Washoe County School District and Installs HTML Plans

Reno, Nevada - Today 100 HTML campus site assessments or pre-incident plans (preplans) were delivered and installed at the Washoe County School District by Visual Imagry, Inc. Developing the HTML preplans were part of the numerous WCSD emergency preparedness projects funding though the U.S. Department of Education's School Readiness & Emergency Management grant.
"The HTML preplans were designed to provide school police and authorized first responders with a virtual tour of each of our 94 schools and bus yards," explained Chris Smith, Director of Emergency Preparedness for the WCSD.
"During the next year. we also plan to use the HTML preplans and and other critical data for exercises and during trainings for principals and members of our School Incident Response Teams."
Visual Imagry, Inc. was awarded the contract on January 10, 2006 and completed the project and installed all the data for the WCSD on June 1, 2007.
Creating HTML preplans, writing a Emergency Response Plan and providing ICS and NIMS training for members of the WCSD School Board of Directors and WCSD's School Incident Response Team (SIRT) were just some of the projects Visual Imagry, Inc. was contracted to deliver as part of emergency preparedness project.
Visual Imagry's team also collected the data and digital images; developed the HTML preplans and quick response plans; coordinated the development of the District's School Emergency Response Plan and School Site Management Plan; coordinated monthly planning meetings; participated in on-site evaluations with first responders and taught numerous courses to support the sustainability of the project.
Visual Imagry continues working with the WCSD by supporting the WCSD VIPlanning® Online: Collaboration secure web site for project updates and providing VIPlanning® Software maintenance and support services.

Visual Imagry will also be responsible for coordinating the data for the school safety survey (pre-incident planning questionnaire). They will also be developing a emergency response plan and providing Incident Command System (ICS) training. The grant requires that all information be compatible with the National Incident Management System.

The contract and all phases of the work will need to be completed by June 2007. At the conclusion of all work, the outside third part evaluator, Chuck O'Conner from North Vector, Inc., will audit the project.

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