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  Media Update | Washoe County School District (NV) - April 29, 2007


Digital photographs and 360 panoramic movies images were taken at Hug High School in 2006 as part of the District's School Readiness & Emergency Management project. The images were used in developing the school's HTML preplan (pre-incident plan) or virtual tour of the facility.
  About the project

“The US DOE grant program was designed to provide funding for schools to strengthen and improve their emergency response and crisis planning efforts, at both the district and school-site level," said Chris Smith from the WCSD. “The grant has provided the necessary funding to help with our District's crisis planning efforts for prevention and mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.”


VIPlanning® Software Used by Washoe County School District to
Assist U.S. Secret Service Advance Team
before Town Hall Meeting

Reno, Nevada - What can a school district do to help the U.S. Secret Service Advance Team plan for the arrival of a presidential candidate at one of their high schools?

Washoe County School District's Police Chief Mike Mieras was ready to respond and quickly delivered limited access to Hug High School's HTML preplan.

"We provided the U.S. Secret Service Advance Team limited access to Hug High School's HTML preplan when Democratic presidential candidate Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was scheduled to speak at Hug High," said WCSD Police Officer Tracy Moore.

"The Advance Team was given access to such critical data as Hug High School's floor plans, aerial views and 360 images of the gym. This detailed information was invaluable for their logistics planning for Senator Hillary Clinton's arrival at Hug High on April 29th."

School Police Chief Mike Mieras said “When emergency responders arrive at a school, they are often unfamiliar with the layout of the building. Having this information at their fingertips will save precious time and allow them to do their job better and faster. Without doubt, this new technology could end up saving lives and protecting property. The U.S. Department of Education grant funding provided our District with the opportunity to develop detailed HTML preplans, or virtual tours, of every school within the District. That's why we are prepared today to provided such critical and detailed information to the Secret Service."

In 2005 the Washoe County School District was awarded a $959,950 grant for School Readiness & Emergency Management by the U.S. Department of Education.

"The grant program was designed to provide funding to strengthen and improve the emergency response and crisis planning efforts, at both the District and school-site level," explained Chris Smith, Director of Emergency Preparedness for the Washoe County School District.

The District contracted with Visual Imagry in 2006 to develop more than 100 HTML pre-incident plans (preplans) as part of the numerous WCSD emergency preparedness projects funding though the U.S. Department of Education. The Washoe County School District's HTML preplans were developed using VIPlanning® Software.

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