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  Media Update | October 5, 2006


Superintendent Paul Dugan (seated in the middle top photo) listens as administrators brainstorm ideas during emergency preparedness tabletop exercise. Trainer (standing far left) talks with Chris Smith, Director of Emergency Preparedness, as members of the Code 33 Team participate in the tabletop exercise.
  Police Chief Mike Mieras (standing, second from the left - bottom photo) encourages administrators during the emergency preparedness training at the WCSD administration building.  

About the Training

The Introduction to Emergency Management Workshop and Tabletop Exercise were part of the on-going emergency preparedness and response training offered though Visual Imagry, Inc. as part of their contract with the District.

The WCSD was awarded a $959,950 grant from the U.S. Department of Education designed to improve school security and the district's ability to respond to emergencies on November 11, 2005.

On January 24, 2006, Visual Imagry, Inc, was selected as the contractor responsible for providing emergency preparedness and response services for the district. Some of the services they are providing will include: inventorying all schools and other WCSD facilities; collecting school-site data including digital photographs; adding floor plans from each school and integrate them into an interactive electronic database. Visual Imagry is also responsible for providing emergency preparedness training for school administrators and emergency management staff.



Washoe County School District's "Code 33 Emergency Response Team"
Participates in Preparedness Training & Tabletop Exercise

Reno, Nevada - What actions would the Washoe County School District ‘s Emergency Incident Response Team (Code 33 Team) have to take during a school emergency incident? Why should they be required to learn the Incident Command System (ICS)?

Today, Visual Imagry's training team introduced District administrators to the importance of emergency preparedness during her workshop entitled, Introduction to Emergency Management. The course also included an intensive tabletop exercise.

The workshop was designed to provide District Personnel that are assigned to the Code 33 Team, an executive level response team, with an introduction to the ICS principles and how they are applied to a District level emergency response. The emergency preparedness workshop also introduced participants to their potential emergency response roles during a major incident and allowed them to examine their decision-making roles and responsibilities. The Tabletop Exercise was designed to allow participants to consider the overall logistics associated with managing a real-life emergency situation that may occur at one of the WCSD school sites.

“Emergencies occur every day somewhere in the United States and each incident requires a response,” said Dee Beaugez. “Emergency preparedness is critical to emergency management. Preparedness is implemented through a cycle of planning, training, and equipping, exercising, evaluating and taking action to correct and mitigate."

Police Chief Mike Mieras said that Tabletop Exercise and emergency management training were designed to introduce the District’s Code 33 Team members to the importance of ICS training for administrators and he hopes it will provide the ground work for the District to develop "an integrated, community-wide approach to emergency planning."

The tabletop exercise was also designed to introduce the participants to the importance of adopting Incident Command System (ICS) as standard procedures for responding to any future school emergency incidents.

Members of the District's Code 33 Team who participated in the three-hour intensive emergency response training and tabletop exercise were:
Paul Dugan, Superintendent; Ken Grein, Superintendent of Operations; Mike Mieras, WCSD Chief of Police; Dana Balchunas, Director of Student Health Services; Chris Smith, Director of Emergency Preparedness; James Means, Director of Transportation; Dale Sanderson, Administrator of Plant Facilities; Eddie Bonine, Director of Student Services; Rick Borba, Senior Director of High Schools; Steven Mulvenon, Director of Communications and Community Outreach; Lisa Noonan, Superintendent of Elementary Education & RCTL; Kelly Jesch, Program Coordinator of Counseling; Debbie Cylke, Superintendent of Secondary Education; Mike Supple, Co-Director of Nutrition Services; Kirk Turner, Senior Director of Information Technology; Gary Kraemer, Chief Financial Office of Business & Finance; Tom Marshall, Risk Manager; Ron Cooney, Communications Specialist; Craig Falconer, Assistant Director of Transportation; Dale Richardson, WCSD Police Lieutenant; Tina Cotter, Nursing Manager; John Albrecht, Legal Counsel; Kris Christiansen, Assistant Superintendent of Student Support Services; Dale Christiansen, Senior Director of Area 2 Elementary Education; Eileen Grein, Senior Director of Area 3 Elementary Education; Rick Harris, Director of the Principals Academy / Senior Director of Middle Schools; Kelly Humphreys, Coordinator of Psychological Services; Barbara McLaury, Senior Director Elementary Education; Kendyl Depoali, Superintendent of Public Policy, Accountability and Assessment; Jim Barclay, Senior Director of State / Federal programs and Area 4 Elementary Education; Laura Dancer, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources; Jerry Holloway, Assistant Superintendent of Student Support Services; Susan Rusk, Counseling Coordinator; Charlie Hoope, Director of Plant Facilities; Joan Munckton, Co-Director of Nutrition Services; and Tom Ciesynski, Chief Accountant of Business and Finance.

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