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  Jessika Savage: BFA Show
Jim Greer visits Jessika Savage's display at the May 2007 BFA show at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington.
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About Graphic Design

"I think my real job as a designer is to find as many answers to the same problem as I can; searching and seeking out what is possible until I find that magical starting point called inspiration.

I combine my passions for photography and oil painting with graphic design to form the core of my artistic style.

For me, design is about listening, thinking, communicating, innovating and, above all, being passionate.

Oh. And it doesn't hurt to smile a lot."

Jessika Savage
cornish college of the arts
graduated with BFA in graphic design
may 15, 2007

Jessika, second from right, greets Sarah Barclay, right, Diana Savage, left, and Jim Greer during the May 2007 BFA Show.
Jessika's Graduation

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