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And in the end,
the love you take is equal to
the love you make.
John Lennon


Memories by Gudrun Ongman

Born November 6, 1946 in Juneau, Alaska to George Harvey and Evelyn Jenkins Ongman.

Graduated from Shoreline High School in Seattle, June 1965.
Majored in sociology at the University of Washington.

Worked for general contractors as a superintendent, taking pride in new construction, additions and remodels including Seattle area hospitals, Sears stores, and the caretaker's house at the Gates estate.

Married Gudrun Geibel on August 28, 1976.
Raised three wonderful daughters: Mara Christine, Melissa Marie and Carla Anne.

Was a master of photography and loved dancing.

Began helping friends in 2001 with the development of VIPlanning® Software & Online Services for emergency planning. Started his dream job as Director of Facility Operations for Visual Imagry, Inc. in Redmond, WA, February 2006 and continued working until May 2007.

Died June 10, 2007.

Entertainer, dancer, photographer, musician, builder, friend

A gentle man, comfortable in his own skin, Jim enjoyed the everyday; an earnest conversation, a well-placed joke, hugs from his girls, bets with his dad.

He savored nuances of light, turns of phrase, the flavors of wine and the subtleties of music.

He loved the question, 'A bird may love a fish, but where would they build a home together?'
And found the answer with Gudrun at their county home, surrounded by love and trees.

Had he a larger ego, he would have found lofty uses for his many talents. His arms were plenty long enough to reach the stars - yet - he reached for family and friends instead, and made them his stars.
And he lived to see his girls reach for their own, and bask in their light.

Jim Ongman, lover, charmer, humorist, husband, father, son.

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