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Jim was an inspiration to me... and he made what he did look so easy.

I had the pleasure and honor to work with Jim Ongman as part of the Visual Imagry VIPlanning team over the last year and a half. Jim was a consummate professional who truly demonstrated his passion and commitment for the work he did.

Jim was an inspiration to me, in that he made what he did with the mapping and floor plans look so easy, although, I knew it was not the case. Jim was a very mild mannered, patient, humble and good humored colleague and friend.

The work that he did for the schools is invaluable in ensuring emergency preparedness and assisting first responders during major emergencies to save lives, property and the environment.

I miss him but I know that Jim Ongman will truly live on through his excellent works and through the lives he touched.

Renee Domingo
Oakland Fire Department, California
& Visual Imagry Associate

Jim never hesitated to offer us benefit of his experience.

On behalf of Frank Headen, CEO; Sharon Wolf, CFO; myself and the employees at First Restoration Services, I would like to express our deepest sympathies and condolences to everyone at Visual Imagry and especially to Jim's family and friends on learning of his passing.

We were all saddened at the news, particularly in light of Jim's immense efforts to confront his affliction from the outset. Please pass along to Jim's loved ones that he was a fine man who never hesitated to offer us benefit of his experience and technical expertise in our ongoing relationship with your company. For that we are truly grateful and will keep him and his family in our thoughts and prayers.

Sincerely and on Behalf of First Restoration Services
John Kunert
North Carolina

Jim's passion for life and the need to help others will live on thanks to his amazing contributions.

“We often wonder why God takes such wonderful people from this world, but now, he can be in several places at once. He will be touching lives and people in a way that only an Angel can.

His passion for life and the need to help others will live on thanks to his amazing contributions to emergency preparedness.

I hope that Jim’s family and friends will find comfort in the fact that he left this world in a much safer state.

To say that Jim will be greatly missed is an understatement, and may God comfort his family, friends and colleagues during this time of sorrow.”

Sabrina L. Bustamante
Emergency Response Coordinator
Kings County Public Health Department, California

Jim is in heaven's arms now.

“A true loss to us all. We have had him in our prayers and will continue..
although he is in heaven's arms now.”

Rick Tobin, President
TAO Emergency Management Consulting

Jim always reminded me to enjoy life when whenever possible.

“I am truly sorry to hear about Jim's passing. I'm sure he would wish everyone to remember him for his attention to detail and desire to make a real difference for school emergency preparedness.

Yet as hard as he worked, I know he would also remind us to always take some time to enjoy life whenever possible and remember the importance of family and friends.

Chuck O'Connor, President
North Vector, Inc.
Evaluator - Washoe County School District - Nevada

His work made all the difference in the world to the WCSD Project.

“I am so sorry to hear of Jim’s passing. I know how much he meant to all your team. He worked so hard on the Washoe County School District Project and I know his work on the floor plans made all the difference in the world to the project. His attention to detail and desire for accuracy should be used as a standard!

I am sure that working and contributing to school emergency preparedness also gave him a sense of focus and helped keep him going. Everyone at the WCSD will keep him and his family in our prayers.”

Janet Long, Parent Involvement Facilitator
Kate Smith Elementary School
Washoe County School District, Nevada

Jim Ongman will never be forgotten.

With everything that has all come together causing such pain, sorrow and loss, we just wanted Gudrun to know she is on our prayer chain and so are Jim's family and friends.

I know that words seem empty, but please know how much they are all loved, thought about and prayed for. Jim is special and know that he is engraved in the Palm of God's Hands.

Much love and blessings,
Barb and Jim Olson


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