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  In Memory of Jim Ongman
  The Ongman Family - Jim and Gudrun (center) pictured with their daughters Carly (Left) Mara, Lissa (right) and their dogs - Juneau and Dakota.


There are no words to express how much everyone will miss Jim and his wonderful sense of humor. He is one in a million.

Jim Ongman, Director of Facility Operations, was finally released from his struggles against cancer and died peacefully on Sunday, June 10, 2007.

Each of us at Visual Imagry never stopped praying for his health and recovery. J
im was a true team leader and it is hard to express how much of a void we each feel with his passing. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't walk down to his office wishing we could ask a question or share some funny story with him.

Jim took control of Washoe County School District and Humboldt County School District HTML preplan projects. Jim's amazing knowledge of construction helped guide the development of more than 150 emergency HTML preplans for the WCSD and 16 HTML preplans for the HCSD.

We know that Jim's years of construction experience were put to use as he carefully crafted the HTML preplan design concept. His goal was to create a HTML preplan that could be used to guide school police, emergency managers and first responders through each school site facility in the event of any type of emergency incident.

In April 2007, the Hug High School HTML Preplan was used by the United States Secret Service for planning the arrival of Democratic presidential candidate Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton for a speaking engagement in Reno, Nevada. The feedback Visual Imagry received from the Washoe County School District Police Department was that the Hug High School HTML Preplan provided Secret Service staff with instant access to such critical data as school site floor plans, site plans, aerial views and 360 images of the gym.

“The detailed information that was available in the Hug High School HTML preplan was invaluable for planning and logistics coordination for the town hall meeting in Reno, Nevada,” said Chris Smith, Director of Emergency Preparedness for the Washoe County School District.

The HTML preplan Jim built for Bishop Manogue High School was used for pre-planning and response during their full scale functional exercise on April 28, 2007. SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) officers from the Washoe County Sheriff's Office reported that HTML preplan Jim created was an amazing response tool. "According to feedback during the after action briefing, the participating SWAT unit officers all agreed that they wish all schools had such detailed information available for first responders," said Tim Jaureguito, Principal.

Principal Jaureguito also congratulated Jim for an extraordinary job and reminded us that his labors would have saved many lives if it had been a real terrorist incident.

Jim's dedication to safety was amazing. Somehow he even made time to develop Flash movies that were used for numerous presentations. He also invested valuable time creating detailed summaries for each project and made numerous helpful suggestions for future projects.

His talent and understanding of building construction allowed each HTML preplan take on a special level of excellence. He lead the technical team and made sure the project was completed by May 2007. Jim's work is sustainable and therefore will continue to be used by the WCSD, HCSD and BMHS to help them continue to be disaster prepared.

Everyone who worked with Jim feels blessed that he was such a vital part of the
VIPlanning® Software Development Team. The hundreds of hours Jim spent crafting HTML preplans, testing software and writing reports will continue to make a real difference in school emergency preparedness for future generations.

Jim's craftsmanship contributed to the development of
VIPlanning® Software & Online Services. His contributions, leadership, sense of humor and amazing work ethic have established a true standard of excellence for our company.

We continue sending our prayers to his wonderful wife, Gudrun and their children -
Lissa, Carly, Mara and her husband Dave.

Blessings Always
Dee and Don Beaugez
June 10, 2007

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