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The Humboldt County School District in Winnemucca, NV contracted Visual Imagry, Inc. to develop a comprehensive database, collect photographs at all the schools and district sites, and provide Incident Command System (ICS) training for principals and emergency preparedness team members. The evaluator, Ed Rybold from Sentinel Evaluations Group, reviewed the HTML preplans, attended various training and emergency preparedness sessions with Visual Imagry during 2006-07.


Humboldt County School District, Nevada
Project Evaluation by Sentinel Evaluation Group, Ed Rybold

"Visual Imagry has fulfilled and exceeded its contractual obligation. Visual Imagry provided additional products and services upon request, thus demonstrating flexibility and support for Humboldt County School District goals.

"Visual Imagry has installed an interactive electronic database into the District’s information system infrastructure. This electronic infrastructure and database contains individual school site emergency response plans. These plans list protocols to mitigate the specified incident.

"The information available within the electronic database, in addition to the protocol lists, are maps and floor plans of each school, utility connections, photographs (classrooms, lounges, common areas, and students), MSDS lists, and site plans (evacuation routes, staging areas, etc.). The database information will also assist first response units at the command post where tactical decisions and priorities may be determined based on the current situation.

"Visual Imagry completed the installation of the electronic infrastructure where emergency response information could be quickly and easily accessed. (May 2007)

"Visual Imagry provided the requisite training to those District-designated personnel to enable process improvements and project sustainability through School Board approved changes to policy, plans and procedures."

Evaluation for the U.S. Department of Education
Grant Performance Report by
Ed Rybold,
Sentinel Evaluations Group - June 2007



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