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  Greer Foundation - Dedicated to Violence Prevention
  Jim Greer visits Cornish College of the Arts for the May 2007 BFA Show. Jessika Savage's senior thesis project featured her original concepts for The Greer Foundation.  



Mission Statement
The Greer Foundation's mission is
to help children and their families understand the link between animal abuse and child abuse while promoting educational programs
that encourage a violent-free global community.
Memorial to Vickee Greer

Jessika Savage's senior thesis project featured her original design concepts were developed for The Greer Foundation and to fulfill Vickee Greer's dream.

Drawing from her experiences as an public health educator, disaster coordinator, public health program coordinator, photographer, wife and mother, Vickee Greer enjoyed customizing each school visit to help students understand violence prevention and begin breaking the link between animal abuse and child abuse.

Vickee is a truly an American hero.

She devoted more than 20 years of service to Sierra County and the State of California: and she dedicated her entire career to helping to protect children and educate the community about the importance of nutrition, violence prevention and emergency preparedness.

Each of her programs were designed to teach and encourage the student to learn to express themselves and begin to feel the importance of touch, love, learn and hope.

Vickee's motto was "Forever Hope." She explained that hope was ..."healing outreach and promoting education."

All who have had the privilege to work with Vickee Greer have recognized her devotion and endless courage as truly inspirational. Violence prevention, public health preparedness and emergency management proved her to be a true leader, first responder, role model and mentor. She dedicated her life to helping educate and protect the children of America.

Vickee Greer devoted her life to helping to protect, educate and inspire others. She stressed the importance of life-long learning and was a living example that education is important at any age.

She lost her battle with cancer on February 12, 2007 but was able to see fulfillment of one of her life-long dreams when she received her Master’s Degree in 2007.

The Greer Foundation was Vickee Greer's dream, and for all of us who worked with her: we continue working together with her husband, Jim Greer, to help that dream come true.

Memorial to Vickee Greer



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