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  Learning digital photography using the Olympus C-5050 during a Digital Photography Train the Trainer Course.  


Digital Cameras

If you are searching for a digital camera for taking "flat" digital photos or for 360 degree panoramic virtual tours, we recommend one of the better 5 megapixel+ cameras.

Get one with an articulating LCD screen, so it can be easily set up on a tripod with the lens vertical, while still having its LCD display visible. A 5 megapixel resolution is more than adequate for most web based panoramas.

Of current models (2008), our picks are the Canon Powershot A640 (10 megapixel) or Olympus SP-350 (8 megapixel).

Are Best Selects for Digital Cameras
Three fantastic cameras are the Canon Powershot G6 and the Olympus C-5050 for digital flats or C-7070 for 360 panoramic photos. These were discontinued in 2007, but if you can still find them; they are still our recommended best picks.

For more information link to the following sources for more information:
360 Lens and a link off this web site to 0-360's recommended list of
camera options for use with 360 lens.

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