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As Product Architect, Don Beaugez has lead Visual Imagry's development team in creating VIPlanning® Software since 1998.
This extraordinary software enables you to create pages that can be used to build HTML web sites that are designed to be repositories for facility site assessments, school campus school safety audits, preplans and even O&M manuals.

In 2009, Visual Imagry's creative team worked with a school district in texas to convert their paper based Emergency Operations Plans inot web-based plans.

In 2007, Visual Imagry's creative team completed more than 250 HTML preplans (school campus school safety audits) containing more than 65,000 digital images and 7,000 digital 360 images using VIPlanning® Software.

The software can also be used for site assessments, recording photos and data for insurance purposes, estimating purposes, cataloging, fundraising efforts, or tracking day-to-day progress on a construction site.

Visual Imagry Inc. first opened for business in Reno, Nevada in 1994. The company's main focus was developing software for maintenance management and work flow.

After opening an office in Washington state in 1999, the company's staff focused their creative efforts towards the development of software that could be used to produce HTML pages rich in pictorial, graphic and word content for converting plans into an easily accessible HTML output.


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