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  Sonoma Country Day School (CA)
  "Visual Imagry's team has been amazing to work with!"
Cindy Rodenbaugh

Support from Sonoma Country Day School, Continued

With the VIPlanning Software database in place, it gives us the ability to easily maintain and update informational and structural changes, train our staff in various emergency response situations, and provide our first responders with critical data such as:

  • Utility connections (including photographs and directions for all shut-offs)
  • Site plans (evacuation routes, staging areas, etc.)
  • Maps and floor plans (including photographs of every classroom, office space, common areas, janitorial closets, outside spaces, and aerials)
  • MSDS list
  • Emergency response protocol lists

The benefits of the database are really endless. Our school intends to use the electronic database not only to aid our first responders, but also to keep our teachers and staff trained on our emergency protocol. It will also assist new staff members to become quickly familiar with our campus in general, as well as with our emergency protocol. In addition, any claims we may submit to our insurance agency will be completed by the numerous photographs in the database.

They worked and still work endlessly with our school to create this wonderful and useful tool. They provided additional products and services so that our school could have a most comprehensive, state-of-the-art emergency preparedness plan. They have created software that is easy to maintain and update as needed. It is extremely user friendly!

Visual Imagry, Inc. worked with our I.T. department to install the electronic database on our school server and provided the training needed for our personnel to continually update, maintain, and to ensure the sustainability of the database.

Visual Imagry, Inc. is a company that truly cares about the safety of our students and school community. Our school has truly been blessed to be associated with the entire team at Visual Imagry, Inc.!

Cindy Rodenbaugh, Dean of FACULTY & Students
Sonoma Country Day School, Sonoma, CA
Client since 2006

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