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Support from Sonoma Country Day School
for VIPlanning Software

Sonoma Country Day School is an independent coed prep school for kindergarten through eighth grade. Located in California's wine country, SCDS draws students from Sonoma and Napa Counties and sends graduates to top national and local public and private schools. SCDS is the only independent elementary school of its kind in Sonoma County.

We are fortunate to have a campus that is unusually large and well-equipped for an elementary school, so we are able to use our facilities to benefit the community. Many cultural and educational events take place at SCDS, enriching the experience of students and their families, and keeping the school engaged with the world.

Our school's connection with Visual Imagry, Inc. has been an invaluable experience, as student and staff safety is a main priority at our school.
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Cindy Rodenbaugh, Dean of FACULTY & Students
Sonoma Country Day School, Sonoma, CA
Client since 2006

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