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  "...As part of our contract with Visual Imagry, they also created a secure web site for the District, through VIPlanning® Online: Collaboration. Our preparedness team members used the HCSD secure web site to help us review documents, photos and HTML preplans. We also have access to secure forums for sharing information with the District, as well as each school.
We continue working with Visual Imagry, as our goal is to use the secure web site and the HTML preplans to strengthen communications, sharing of sensitive data, and collaborating with school officials, school police, emergency preparedness staff and authorized first responders.

We are ready to begin tracking each school's drills and exercises using VIPlanning® Drills & Exercises."

Charlie Smith, Director of Facility Operations
Humboldt County School District

Client since 2006

how HCSD uses VIPlanning® Software.
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