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  Support from HCSD for VIPlanning Software

  "We are very pleased that the Humboldt County School District contracted with Visual Imagry, Inc. to map each of our school sites and then develop our District's HTML site assessments or preplans.

Now the District can use the HTML emergency planning tools for the District's emergency preparedness trainings and response efforts. We can also provide local first responders with access to the information for their exercising and responding.

The HTML preplans are like a virtual tour of each facility. Some of the information we can easily access includes: floor plans, site plans, aerial views, digital images, 360 movie images, PDFs and even documents. The HTML preplans were all created using VIPlanning® Software.

Charlie Smith, Director of Facility Operations
Humboldt County School District
Client since 2006

See how HCSD uses VIPlanning® Online Solutions.

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