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Building new facilities often requires fast action when clients request immediate and costly changes. Architects can easily and quickly document these changes and organize other documents, digital photographs and PDFs with VIPlanning® Software.

VIPlanning Software
  Architects Designing Healthy Schools
Architects are embracing the concept of designing Healthy Schools in order to ensure children a safe and healthy learning environment. With VIPlanning® Software architects can easily provide schools valuable foundation data for their school safety audits, campus preplans and facility operations.
VIPlanning Software
With VIPlanning® Software’s tool box, written and photo documentation gathered by contractors every day can be easily organized into valuable resources that will set their bids apart from the competition. From emergency preplans to paperless O&M manuals, contractor “paper” trails become their clients' most valued tools.
VIPlanning Software
  Facility Managers
Imagine one click access, update and reproduction of all the data in an O&M manual. VIPlanning® Software organizes detailed written and pictorial data from digital photos to product specifications into a user friendly format.

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