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Visual Imagry Inc. first opened for business in Reno, Nevada in 1994. The company's main focus was developing software for maintenance management and work flow.  Donald Beaugez and Dolores Beaugez have lead Visual Imagry's creative team in developing VIPlanning® Software & Online Solutions since 1998.
After moving to Washington state in 1999, the company's staff focused their creative efforts towards the development of software that could be used to produce HTML pages rich in pictorial, graphic and word content for converting plans and facility site assessments into easily accessible HTML output.
In March of 2006 Visual Imagry, Inc. moved to their current location in Redmond, Washington.
Consulting and software development has spanned a broad range of projects and industries. Visual Imagry's projects have ranged in size from one program on a single workstation all the way up to a suite of tools used to manage a data center with some 200 servers and over 900 databases. Later projects have focused on helping companies effectively leverage software, enhancing operational capabilities and controlling costs.  
Visual Imagry currently has clients and representatives in California, Nevada, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
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