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Visual Imagry has been pioneering emergency preparedness efforts since 1998. VIPlanning® Software provides innovative solutions for organizing data about any business that can be used to develop emergency preplans, safety audits/ assessments or HTML Continuity Plans. VIPlanning Online provides affordable solutions for tracking drills, exercises and incidents; centralizing communications and collaboration efforts; or for keeping track of trainings and certifications data.
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VIPlanning Software
VIPlanning® Software provides businesses with a robust repository for critical planning and facility data. Customizable yet uniform layouts, standardized templates and indexed content make it easy to input, organize and access data. With VIPlanning® Software's built-in Annotation Editor, you no longer have to use additional programs to add annotations to aerial photographs, digital photographs, site plans or floor plans.
VIPlanning Software

VIPlanning Online Solutions
VIPlanning® Online: Collaboration provides school districts with an affordable interactive secure web site allowing administrators, safety officers and first responders to build an extensive customizable network, ideal for planning, preparing, communicating, responding, recovering and training
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VIPlanning Online - Drills, Exercises& Incident Tracking Solution
You can say goodbye to the paper work maze and scheduling nightmares inherent in conducting and tracking drills, exercises and incidents with VIPlanning® Online: Drills, Exercises & Incidents. These secure, online tools provide tiered access, customizable requirements and metrics, generate reports and track compliance.

Online Drills, Exercises & Incident Tracking
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