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  Training Opportunities
  • Introduction to VIPlanning® Software
    This introductory course is designed to provide a working knowledge of
    VIPlanning® Software
    and how to create & update HTML web pages
    and link data using VIPlanning Enterprise Feature
    2-day course
  • Advanced Features of VIPlanning® Software
    Creating Data, Sharing Data - Understanding VIPlanning® Database Functionality - Installation
    & Output

    2-day course
  • Introduction to Digital Flat Photography
    & Digital 360 Photography

    This introductory course is designed to demonstrate the most effective ways to incorporate both digital photography and 360 panoramas into web pages developed with VIPlanning® Software.
    2-day course
  • Train-the-Trainer - Using VIPlanning®
    Software Solutions
    5-day course

    Read more about the course.


  • Managing Your Project Using
    VIPlanning® Software Solutions

    This course includes project coordination; data collection; an introduction to digital flat photography and 360 photography for creating your HTML preplans and plans; and an introduction to VIPlanning® Software features. It also covers the use of VIPlanning® Online for communications, updates and proofing.
    3-day course

  • Introduction to VIPlanning® Online: Collaboration
    This course is designed to demonstrate the functionality of our secure Online web site including adding links, library items, press releases, contacts and use of the Forums.
    1-day course

  • Online Training
    We also offer one-hour Online Training opportunities for learning the following
    VIPlanning® Online Solutions:
    • Collaboration
    • Drills & Exercises
    • Incidents
    • Trainings & Certifications
      1-hour course for 1 to 5 participants

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