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  What Information needs to be included in a preplan?


National Fire Protection Association - Publication 1620 - "Recommended Practice for Pre-Incident Planning" - 1998 Edition
Available for Purchase from NFPA


Preplan Information:

______ Contact names and telephone numbers (facility)
______ Contact names and telephone numbers for:
Law Enforcement (Local, County, State); Fire Department; Health Department; EMS; Crisis Counselors; Tactical Units; Emergency Managers; HAZMAT, etc
______ Contact names, telephone numbers and location addresses for surrounding buildings/businesses
______ Directions and contact information for the nearest hospitals and their related capabilities (medical helicopter access, etc.)
______ Facility-specific information:
Location of shutoffs, fire hydrants, risers, emergency exits, hazards, etc.
______ Fire Access Roads
______ Locations for staging and evacuation areas
______ Digital photographs of areas within the facility, access and exits, rooms, mechanical areas, shutoffs, risers, perimeter views, roof views and any site specific information
______ Plot Plans, Floor Plans and Site Plans
______ Facility Emergency Plan, Supporting Response Documentation (including material safety data sheets) can be added in the following formats PDF, Word or Excel
______ Specific documentation to be used to support preparedness and actual response or recovery
______ Specific documentation to be used during a response or recovery training exercise




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