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Jessika Savage

Jessika Savage graduated from Cornish College of the Arts on May 15, 2007 with her BFA in graphic design. She became a graphic designer at Visual Imagry in June of 2007, She is responsible for designing all marketing materials for VIPlanning® Software and Online Services.

While attending Cornish, Jessika worked as an intern at Visual Imagry.

Artist Statement
by Jessika Savage

"I think my real job as a designer
is to find as many answers
to the same problem as I can;
searching and seeking out what
is possible until I find that magical starting point called inspiration."

Artist Statement


When Visual Imagry was awarded a contract to develop HTML preplans for the Washoe County School District (WCSD) and Humboldt County School District (HCSD) in Nevada, Jessika was first to ask for the photography assignment.

Jessika's assignment required traveling to Nevada to take 360 digital images at the 94 school facilities in the WCSD and at the 16 school facilities in the HCSD. During her three-month summer assignment, she visited every school, bus yard and administration building in both districts taking 7,500 digital 360 photographic images.

During her senior year at Cornish she also designed a new concept for School FLIP Charts, as well as developed a campaign for violence prevention for the Greer Foundation she used for her senior thesis project.

Jessika also plans to continue her studies in photography and painting.
She loves to travel and plans to visit Italy.

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