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  Can I really learn to use VIPlanning® Online: Drills, Exercises and Incidents during the 1-day training course?
Yes! It's so simple, with VIPlanning® Online authorized administrators can easily learn to track your drills, exercises & incidents. Learning and using VIPlanning® Online is very user friendly!
  Can I sign-up for an online course to learn to use VIPlanning® Online: Drills, Exercises and Incidents?
Yes! Visual Imagry also offers online training using GoToMeeting. Visual Imagry's training team offers either one-hour or 1/2-hour online sessions. This is great because you can start out learning to use the online tracking system as needed.
Contact Visual Imagry's Training Coordinator for more information
  How many people from my region or district can become
authorized users?

Administrators can add authorized users when needed.

  What do you mean by authorized users?
With VIPlanning® Online secure site administrations can issue rights for people to view or track. The rights issued establish a person's (or authorized user) access, or viewing rights.
  What kind of documents or files can I store in the VIPlanning® Online?
You can store Word documents, PDFs or Excel
spread sheets. It's very simple to upload the files and attach them to a specific drill, exercise or incident.
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