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Demo Central School
To help demonstrate the features within VIPlanning® Software, we have created the Demo Central School facility HTML preplan.

The original photos were taken for Bishop Manogue High School in 2002. Visual Imagry, Inc. used the digital images for developing Manogue's first HTML preplan using Visual Incident Planning Software version 1.0.

The original project was made possible as part the City of Sparks (NV) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Project Impact Campaign.

Bishop Manogue High School donated the original photos and use of the HTML preplan information in 2005 after the school was demolished and a new school was constructed.

Demo Central School was created by Jim Ongman and Dee Beaugez using VIPlanning
® Software 6.0 in 2006.

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  • And a brief explanation of how your agency or school may be planning to use the software

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